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The Passage

Experience shopping, fun and plenty of culture all under one roof! In addition to the latest trends and designs and a wide range of dining options, the Europa Passage Hamburg also boasts cultural highlights – all of this in a unique atmosphere right in the heart of the city. Find out what can be found where. The following provides you with our opening hours, information on how to get here and parking, and a map.
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Shop Opening hours
Bäcker Gaues 7-20
Budnikowski 8-20
Eyes and more 10-13
Hallmann 10-12
L’Italiana Gelateria 10-18
R.W.S. 10-14
REWE 8-20
Sanifair (nur U1) 10-18
Scoom 10-18
Starbucks 10-18
O2 10-17.30


Food Sky

Completely closed